About e-Pratiniyukti
(Online Deputation Module)

e-Pratiniyukti is a single window, online Deputation Module for receipt and processing of deputation applications/cadre clearance of IRS (C & IT) officers. The module brings together all stakeholders i.e. Ad. II CBIC/ Ad. V CBIC/ DGoV/ DGHRD and CCO/DG as well as all IRS (C & IT) officers on one platform for faster processing and streamlining the deputation cadre clearance procedure. The endeavor is to complete the deputation cadre clearance processing in around 8 working days’ time, with working in an automated environment.

The main objective of the module is to bring complete transparency and ensure time-bound processing/ accountability in deputation cadre clearance process of IRS (C & IT) officers. All stakeholders are required to act strictly in prescribed timelines. All documents etc shall be accepted/ processed in online mode only and no manual/hard copies shall be accepted.

Process Flowchart of e-Pratiniyukti

SOP/Instructions on Deputation Module (e-Pratiniyukti) and Cadre Clearance Procedure for IRS (C & IT) officers