About e-Pratiniyukti
(Online Deputation Module)

e-Pratiniyukti is a single window, online Deputation Module for receipt and processing of deputation applications/cadre clearance of IRS (C & CE) officers. The module brings together all stakeholders i.e. Ad. II CBIC/ Ad. V CBIC/ DGoV/ DGHRD and CCO/DG as well as all IRS (C & CE) officers on one platform for faster processing and streamlining the deputation cadre clearance procedure. The endeavor is to complete the deputation cadre clearance processing in around 10 working days’ time, with working in an automated environment.

The main objective of the module is to bring complete transparency and ensure time-bound processing/ accountability in deputation cadre clearance process of IRS (C & CE) officers. All stakeholders are required to act strictly in prescribed timelines. All documents etc shall be accepted/ processed in online mode only and no manual/hard copies shall be accepted.

Process Flowchart of e-Pratiniyukti
SOP/Instructions on Deputation Module (e-Pratiniyukti) and Cadre Clearance Procedure for IRS (C & CE) officers