FAQ/ Help Guide

1:What is e-Pratiniyukti?

e-Pratiniyukti is a robust single window online deputation module for receipt and processing Cadre clearance for the deputation applications in respect of IRS (C&CE) Officers under CBIC

2:Who can apply through e-Pratiniyukti?

Serving officers belonging to IRS (C&CE)

3:How to apply through e-Pratiniyukti?

You can apply through e-Pratiniyukti by clicking on Apply in e-Pratiniyukti after successful login.

4:What do I need for applying through e-Pratiniyukti?

The officer should have a valid government email id which is mapped in SPARROW.

5:How do I log in?

You log in on the home page by entering your government email id mapped in SPARROW using the default password provided by DGHRD. After first login, it is mandatory to change your password.

6:How to reset my password?

You can reset your password at the login page by clicking on Forgot Password?

7:What if my username does not exist?

Click on Contact Us Tab on the home page and mail to deputation-dghrdcbic@gov.in .

8:Can I apply for a Deputation Vacancy if the Circular is not listed on e-Pratiniyukti?

You can apply for a deputation vacancy if the circular is not listed on e-Pratiniyukti by going to Not found the desired Vacancy Circular. Click Here to apply.

9:What if the pro forma for applying in a Department is different than that of e-Pratiniyukti?

In such cases, the officer can fill that pro forma, upload it and submit.

10:Do I need to take physical print out copy for forwarding through proper channel?

No physical print out copy need to be taken. The concerned CC/DG will forward through e-Pratiniyukti.

11:Where do I find SOP/ Instruction issued by CBIC/ DGHRD on e-Pratiniyukti?

It is available on dghrd website under HRM 1 ► &Empanelment & Deputation.

12:How do I know my application has been received and is being processed?

As soon as you file your application, you will receive an sms alert.

13:How many days will it take for processing My Application through e-Pratiniyukti?

The endeavour is to facilitate processing of your application within 10 working days.

14:How do I track the status of my Application?

You can track the status of your application in My Applications->Track Application

15:How to update my registered Phone number for sms alerts?

You can update your registered phone number in Window after Final Submission of your application. In case you want to give alternate mobile number fill Mobile No. just like you do it in your airline ticket booking.

16:Some of the details in my profile are incorrect. How can I update them?

You can update them by going to My Profile and then Update

17:Are there any Vacancy circulars against which application cannot be filed through e Pratinyukti?

Yes. Vacancy Circulars meant for restricted/ confidential circulation shall not be uploaded/ processed through e-Pratiniyukti.

18:What is the format and specifications of the Photograph and Signature required?

The scanned images of the photograph / signature should not exceed 300 KB and must not be less than 20 KB in size. The resolution of photograph and signature are 350 pixel (Width) * 350 pixel (Height) minimum and 1000 pixel (Width) *1000 pixel (Height) maximum.

19:Is there any last date for applying in e-Pratiniyukti?

Officers are to apply at least 10 working days prior to the last date mentioned in the vacancy circular.

20:Is there a Proforma in which I need to aaply?

There is a standard template/ proforma in e-Pratiniyukti where applicant has to provide certain information. The format of the standard template of e-Pratiniyukti is available here (“HERE” should be clickable, which would open the Standard Format). If the Deputationist Organisation has specifically asked for any particular format of CV/ Information/ Proforma, etc., the same needs to be uploaded by the Officer .